Viztrade Local Media Fund

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the destruction of the local media industry we propose to launch the Viztrade Local Media Fund.

The Viztrade Local Media Fund will be established to stimulate the local media landscape and provide brands and organisations with an effective communications channel across premium local media.

The proposed fund will be independently managed and regulated to ensure complete transparency and a positive outcome for participating brands and organisations.

Through direct distribution across our premium partner network we will facilitate a variety of advertising opportunities that provide a competitive return on investment. Using proprietary technology we have direct access to some of Australia’s leading digital media operators and content creators.

In a world where most digital budgets are channelled towards big tech giants, our goal is to provide a cost effective alternative and to boost the Australian media economy.

The Viztrade Local Media Fund will reward brands and organisations for allocating a portion of their media budget to the fund by providing additional credits to spend across our partner network. It is also our aim to lobby the government to match industry investment dollar for dollar.


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